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I’m gradually transitioning to a more plant focused version of the Paleo diet, or perhaps it’s just easier to think of it as a wholefood diet.  My evening meal is already heavily focused on green leafy vegetables, my lunch is nut’s seeds and toasted oats, my breakfast tends to be a couple of slices of wholemeal toast, and my supper is a berry salad.  On alternate days I have green smoothies for snacks, but I want another plant based snack food.  My current plan is to eat a ultra high fibre snack of dried apricots, tiger nuts, yacon and coconut flakes and dark chocolate drops with maybe a few banana chips for sweetness.  It’s going to be interesting as I take this next step in my diet, this snack option is very easy to travel with and has a lot of tubers.

As seems to be my usual pattern now I fell to sleep quickly last night but then woke up after a few hours with horrible restless leg, the only remedy for that works for me is to go downstairs and watch some TV while massaging my feet with cooling gel, after 45 minutes I’m invariably able to get off to sleep again and that worked fine.  I’m not too troubled by this although I would prefer to sleep through and I’m hoping that as I withdraw fully from my meds my sleep will gradually improve.  The downside is that I wake later in the morning but this just requires me to have a few different routines depending on how late.

Today I woke at 8:30 so that meant it was a Beach Terrace Cafe morning and I had a lovely time reading and took my first photo with the 6S.  I then went for a walk through the dunes.  The afternoon has been a lazy mix of chores, reading and finalising my iPhone setup and plans for Amsterdam.  I’ve sadly made the decision to return my little HP tablet/hybrid to Amazon due to hardware reliability issues, in most respects it’s been perfect but I have no tolerance for unreliability.  I’m not sure what I will replace it with, but I will be waiting to see what Microsoft has in store at their October announcement.

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