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It’s not often that Jennie and I get to spend the day together so it was a real treat for me today even though I was feeling way too tired, which is strange as yesterday I was feeling so good.

Anyway my day started slightly earlier than usual at 6:40am, which in theory gave me plenty of time to walk along the prom to Caffe Nero.  Unfortunately today when I came to leave the house it was pouring with rain and I’d decided to skip wearing my rain gear, so I waited until it stopped, by which time I had only just enough time to make the 7:30 opening time, even taking the quick route along the inner prom.  It was too windy to put the tables out, but it soon brightened up and I left early, hoping to enjoy a great sunrise, but all I got was a cloudy mess, so no photos.

I arrived home in good time though, did my chores and Jennie drove us to Chorley at 10am and we arrived in good time for a walk along the prom to Vincent’s for brunch.  We stayed for about an hour chatting away and then walked back to the cinema to watch the second part of the third instalment of the Hunger Games.  I’d read the books and watched all of the films so it seemed a shame to miss this one and it was a good ending to the trilogy, albeit heavy on the special effects.  The weather was excellent and we really enjoyed the windy prom walk and did some planning about baby care for next year.

Jen then drove us home, she went off to work and I had a nap, woke a bit late to cook dinner, but turned out a couple of home made Pizza’s which seemed much appreciated by Debbie, Thom, Anna and Jennie.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make my own dinner, so I settled for a green smoothie, healthy, but not as satisfying as the roast chicken dinner I’d planned.

Anna has started work on her portfolio for her university interviews and she’s surprised by how much the costs are racking up, by the time we are finished it will be a hundred pounds and lots of effort for her.  She has her first interview at East London University next week and it coincides with Thom’s at Queen Mary’s so Tess, Ann and Thom are all going down for a combined holiday/interview on Tuesday, should be fun (provided they manage to sneak Tess into the room, not really that difficult for Twins).

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