Selling My Brompton

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After discussing cycling a lot with Rob yesterday I finally decided to sell my Brompton, most of the scenarios that I can think of for cycling are met better by fitting a tow bar to the car and a two bike rack and that will cost less than half what I got from the Brompton.  The sales process was interesting, within half an hour of listing on eBay the emails started to arrive offering me cash for a quick sale outside of eBay.  In the end I did settle for a cash sale, but I made sure that eBay got their cut as well and I still got two hundred pounds more than those offers.  The guy turned up a few hours later, cash in hand and we were both very pleased with the trade.  I made fifty pounds more than I paid to buy the bike originally and he still got a good deal.

As seems to be the trend currently I woke up extremely tired again, but dragged myself out of bed and drove to Caffe Nero in Lytham where I spent 90 minutes before taking the car for it’s 6 year/60,000 mile service at Stanways.  I then walked back along the millionaires prom (photo above) and through a very wet salt marsh onto Lytham green and then on to Lytham Kitchen where I met Jennie for brunch.  While we were eating and chatting I finalised the Brompton sale, literally two hours after listening it!  Jennie then headed off to Aintree Hospital and I was meant to meet up with Paul for a walk, but he had to stay with his wife again (he really does look after her well!!).  Instead I walked through Witch Wood, Park 4 U, and Green Drive and then on to Stanways to pickup the car.  As I’ve come to expect now there was nothing except the standard service charges to pay and so I drove home – via Liddell – happy.

I was really exhausted though so after I’d unpacked the car and sorted out the washing I crashed out on the sofa for a nap and slept my full 45 minutes.  I then finished off the Christmas cards for the family, and watched an episode of Madame Secretary on my exercise bike, while Jennie also showed off her eBay bargain, a superb pram, that lists for six hundred and fifty pounds, but she got it for eighty!

Fortunately after making the Pizzas that no one ate yesterday, I didn’t have to make any meals today as everyone had cold Pizza, so I had a very relaxing evening and I needed it as I started to a migraine mid afternoon.

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