Clearing The Backlog

2016-01-03 08.08.07

Another rainy day provided a good opportunity to clear the cleaning backlog, which is good because I’m itching to spend the next couple of days hiking and then the rest of the week, and some of the following week will be spent creating a dedicated office for Debbie and a new bedsit for Jennie, Jon and Baby.

I didn’t sleep particularly well again last night, but better than the previous night, so I can’t complain too much.  I woke a little later than usual, but still in good time to drive to Caffe Nero Lytham and spend an hour and a half there before going for a walk through the park, along the green and then into Bertie’s for breakfast.  I then popped into the very convenient Sainsbury’s to do what little shopping I needed before driving home.

Then the work started, I vacuumed the whole house, washed our bedding, cleaned the bathroom the two toilets, the kitchen and all of the hard floors.  Sorted out the cats and cleaned my conservatory, watered the plants and did another load of washing. Then I settled down to watch a TED talk over lunch, did a bit more of my colouring book and had a nap.  Today was also one of those very rare occasions when I didn’t manage my 10,000 steps, but I’ve moved around plenty and I’m feeling fine.

After a nap, my attention turned to food, I made a couple of cheese cakes and prepared dinner and then spent an hour on my exercise bike watching Quantico, which is a very strange and complex depiction of the FBI.  Anna, Jennie, Debbie and I then had dinner and I made up one for Tess too, to warm up when she gets back from work.

I’ve just finished making the bed up, packing my rucksack for tomorrow (Rivington) and soon will be making up the fruit salads and watching TV with Deb, unfortunately I have a headache, but that inevitable when sleep is disrupted.

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