Allotment Diary – Wednesday 1st June

Debbie and I are in Edinburgh today, so the kids are looking after the allotment.  We however have been scouting for ideas at the Royal Botanic Gardens, fruit and veg demonstration plots.  This is what we’ve seen!

We loved these fruit cages and the way that everything had been cordon trained, to be so easy to walk around and crop, also the density was much greater than the other cages.

2016-06-01 12.39.54

This was another great example of cordon training, note the design of the supports.

2016-06-01 12.40.45-2

We both loved the idea of making little growing arches like this, between each the two rows of my raised beds.  If I put in a third row of beds I can increase the distance between them and grow my beans and peas this way, instead of having dedicated growing areas.  Each arch could be successionaly sewn.

2016-06-01 12.52.20

I’m very keen to make some cold frames and hot beds and these had a really simple frame design.

2016-06-01 13.05.06

Finally, I’m allowed to dream, just imagine a greenhouse and hot and cold frame setup like this!

2016-06-01 13.04.54-1

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