Allotment Diary–Monday 11 July 2016

I’m not feeling too well today and it was raining, so I popped into Tesco, always anticipating a potential gardening bargain from there and I was not disappointed.  I managed to buy 10 large planters for £10, perfect for late carrots and I bought a couple of packets of fly resistant ones on the way home. 

2016-07-11 11.34.15

I’ve planted up two of the containers, some of the others will be used as temporary storage for the strawberry bed that I’m clearing tomorrow and the rest are just spares.

Although these carrots are meant to be resistant to fly, I’ve raised them up on a couple of pallets, lifting them a total of perhaps 18” off the floor, it might work.

2016-07-11 11.34.09

I did a decent crop, as shown below plus a bag of beans and a cucumber, tidied up a little, walked the site to see what work needs doing before the Britain In Bloom competition tomorrow and came home.  I have much more to crop than this, but I’m struggling to find enough people to eat it all, without making too much work for myself giving it all away.  One lesson learned for next year – more early , potatoes, carrots, and fruit are a good idea.

2016-07-11 11.42.39

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