Allotment Diary–Wednesday 24 August 2016

I did a major tidy up of the shed and then re-skinned the mini poly tunnel, with UV stable polythene, in theory this is the same stuff they make full sized poly tunnels from so it should be robust, but I’m not convinced that it’s that good quality – still if it lasts until next summer I will be happy, I put in two extra hoops to try and give it more support than this years design.  Jon made new props to hold the tunnel open in summer.


I cut the grass on the main common area and green drive


and used the cuttings to activate another hot compost bin, I wonder how hot it will be tomorrow?


Jon planted the violas in the pallet flower pockets and tidied behind the shed and greenhouse


I met Dave, another new name and he gave me apples and French beans in return for a couple of bags of salads, Caroline had some salads too. Mum came to visit, did some weeding and picked her breakfast


Steve Richards

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