Allotment Diary–Tuesday 06 September 2016

I pulled up the butternut squash today and harvested the last three fruits, I’d planted them through weed stop membrane which had worked well, but under that were a lot of slugs and snails, so next time I put it down I need to make sure it’s well prepared – ie free of pests.

This bed coming free meant I could use up the remaining wood and make a final cold frame and I made short work of it,  I’m getting pretty proficient now!


Into this bed went giant red mustard

red giant mustard

Perpetual spinach


Bull’s Blood beets, for the leaves

bulls blood

Red oak leaf lettuce


Rhubarb chard


and autumn king carrots


I also applied nematodes for slugs and carrot root fly as well as a few other pests.

Steve Richards

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