Jennie’s Allotment After Six Weeks Work

We inherited Jennie and Jon’s allotment plot 7 weeks ago and we’ve been working it for the last 6 weeks. It’s gone from a thick sea of weeds to a little oasis and today I finished planting it. We put in a lawn, cleared the ground, put down a heavy mulch, made 4 big bean frames, pea frames and wigwams and planted lots of squash, potatoes and onions – much later than advised, but they are catching up OK. The last 6 weeks have been pretty hectic as we’ve been busy working on Debbie’s new plot as well as trying to keep mine productive. A few things have fallen through the cracks, but overall it’s been an amazing couple of months! I’m really looking forward to next year when we will get chance to do things properly and after we get a chance to fix some of the remaining issues with it when we get time over winter.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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