June Allotment Tour (Jennie’s Plot)


Exactly a month ago I did a tour of Jennie’s plot, so here’s the update. If you’ve been following along you will already know that we got this plot really late in the year and had to do a fast turnaround to get it into production so it not ideal, but so far I’m pleased with progress.  This plot plays an important part in our family allotment empire being the primary squash, courgette, onion, bean and main crop potato plot. My plot is primarily salad ingredients, leafy greens, peas, runner and dwarf french beans, carrots, beetroot and early brassicas. Debbies plot is mainly fruit trees and berry bushes with an ornamental vegetable garden. The kitchen garden at home is mainly herbs, berries, beets, carrots and early and very late new potatoes in tubs.

Steve Richards

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