October Allotment Tour (Debbie’s Plot)

2017-10-15 14.24.12.pngWhile my plot is almost fully replanted for Autumn and Winter now, Debbie’s plot is still in a state of transition with quite a lot plants still hanging on. The New Zealand Spinach, a firm favourite, continues to cling on and the Berlotti Beans are still growing very strongly as is the Oca. Lots of the beds are well stocked with winter brassicas that are all growing great, especially the broccoli, which is my favourite brassica leaf – the florrets in spring are pretty good too!

Debbie’s harvested a lot though, the sweet corn, beans and onions have all gone and been replaced by Winter Miner’s Lettuce and Lamb’s Lettuce, both planted in ornamental beds and she has a new herb bed. She’s also sneaked in a wide range of onion and garlic bulbs too.

The fence posts have all been capped with guttering cut-offs to prevent rot, an old cold frame has been rescued for early strawberries. The bottom of the fence now has planting pockets between the kick boards, which have been filled with strawberries and pine berries. Grease bands have been put on all of the trees too, which reminds me I need to get that done too!

The big project of the month though was a plinth, made form rubble from the site and topped off with a sundial that I bought her for our 31st wedding anniversary. It’s only a tiny fraction of the rubble she shifted, but it’s a nice reminder of all of that hard work and useful too.

By the next tour all but the broccoli, kale and strawberries will probably have been harvested and the plot will be fully planted ready for winter and spring, although she might even squeeze in another tree (or two).

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