What I’m Sowing and Growing in February

For an overview of everything that I’m sowing for the whole year, please take a look at my month-by-month sowing guide.

I don’t generally recommend sowing anything in January unless you have very specific circumstances, but February is different.  By the time – mid Feb planted – seedlings are breaking through into the light they will be enjoying 10 hours of daylight, up from 8 hours in mid-January and those two hours make a BIG difference.  The January seedlings we did sow though are mainly doing well.  The radish are looking lovely:

2020-01-27 11.30.02 (Small).jpg

The lettuces are not far behind, the peas are thriving and it won’t be long before they get planted out at the back of the low tunnel that they will share with the winter onions.

2020-01-27 11.30.09 (Medium) (Small).jpg

We’ve enjoyed an excellent January, a fair bit of sunshine, very few frosts and lost of time to work through the last of the winter jobs, mulching, pruning, weeding etc.  All of the trees are pruned and mulched, just the prickly gooseberries need pruning now (a job I hate).

2020-01-27 10.23.07 (Small).jpg

Most of the paths are now enjoying a nice thick mulch of wood chips, the fences are repaired and the new raised beds are built – and filled – in the Kitchen Garden.

2020-01-27 10.31.14 (Small).jpg

As we finish harvesting we have managed to replant all of the beds with new seedlings for spring and we have spare broad beans to fill the gaps in the over-wintered bean bed. Harvests have also been superb, we’ve doubled last years rate and by the end of the month we will have covered almost all of our costs for the year!

2020-01-27 10.04.49 (Small).jpg

In the video I step you through the progress on all of our January and over-wintering seedlings and the potatoes!  Then I get on the computer to show you what I’m sowing in February.

Before we get to the video though you might like to check out my latest mini tour, which shows everything that’s growing on my plot.  I will update this post with a full tour in a few days.

Life returns to the allotment, spring abundance isn’t far behind!

So finally we get to February’s sowing and growing video:

What I’m Sowing and Growing in February

This video shows several databases that I’m using to manage my allotment this year. If you would like to find out more about these databases please take a look at the following video, and it’s associated blog post.  This has all of the details on how to get your own copy of the database (with or without my data) to customise as you wish.

I also have a fancy new database for tracking all of my seed packets.

Here’s a complete read-only view of the varieties database with all of my data.

Here’s what I’m planning to sow in February.

Here’s what I sowed in January

For completeness here’s a view of my sowing database for last year with all the details!

Here’s a complete list of the varieties that I’m planning to sow in 2020

Watch out for the next video showing what I’m sowing in March, here’s a hint, A LOT!

Steve Richards

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  1. Terence Smith says:

    Hi Steve. Does the seed packet section on your Data Base reflect your preferred seed manufacturer ?

  2. To some extent for the specialist ones: seeds of Italy, real seeds etc. For the commodity seeds I don’t really have many preferred seed manufacturers, as most of them just get their seeds from the same place : All the best – Steve

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