What I’m Sowing and Growing in March

I didn’t enjoy February on the allotment very much, the weather was cold, wet and windy at various times and very cold for about a week. That very cold spell – the big freeze – set us back about two weeks by comparison with last year but everything has changed now!

All planted and growing strong

The last week has been glorious and it’s allowed me to get all of the old winter planting cleared and new seedlings in and hardened off. I’m feeling much more positive about gardening again!

Although this article is focused on March, I also have a summary of everything that I’m sowing for the whole year, if you’re interested please take a look at my month-by-month sowing guide.

February has seen plenty of planting: mainly lettuces, calabrese, cauliflowers, radish, turnips, beetroot, spring cabbages, Brussels sprouts, which I grow for leaves in spring.

Before we take a look at our plans for March it’s useful to catch up on the existing state of the plots, first up is the my plot:

The plot has been transformed by two weeks of sunshine!

I also did a tour of the kitchen garden :

So finally we get to March’s sowing and growing video!  Mid Feb is the earliest we recommend sowing seeds without grow lights, but in March you can sow with much more confidence! I have plenty of LED grow light capacity, so I’m a bit more aggressive with my dates but also because I just don’t have space to wait and start everything in March.

Finally here’s my growing progress video

and my sowing video for March!

If you’re interested in the databases that I used to manage the allotments I also have a video and associated blog post about them.  The blog post has all of the details on how to get your own copy of the database (with or without my data) to customise as you wish. If you take a copy with my data you will have to delete some of the images, as I have breached the limits of the free version.

Demo of my free database https://youtu.be/whWAUznJmH4

I also have a fancy new database for tracking all of my seed packets.

Here’s a complete read-only view of the varieties database with all of my data.

Here’s what we are sowed in February:

Here’s what we are planning to sow in March:

If you want to look ahead to future months here’s a view of my sowing database for last year

Here’s a complete list of the varieties that I’m planning to sow in 2021 including all of our perennials

Watch out for the next video showing what I’m sowing in February, here’s a hint, quite a lot!

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  1. Cherie says:

    My poor hubby has gone back to work today for a rest . He was at home this past week and I roped him into completely changing the garden around to make space for all the veggies I am hoping to grow this year. I don’t think he has worked this hard in years but he is looking forward to seeing the veg plots fill up.

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