Drama School – Richard III.

Stephie was at drama school last week.  They did Richard III.  I thought it might be a bit dry, (not being big Shakespeare fan), especially after Blood Brothers the week before, but it was great.  The adaptation was loosely based around James Bond and Gold Finger.  They used the movie music and some of the songs and lots of great comic touches for anyone who knows the films.  But they also spent a lot of time in workshops understanding the play and the language, so it was not just a trendy adaptation. 

Everyone loved it, and Stephie did great, a marked improvement over last year.  The group she is in is really starting to bond now, and it should get better next year as she moves into the senior group.  Even better she is also going to help out with the Junior class which should build responsibility and confidence still further.  Drama is such a gift for kids,  I was totally turned off by school drama where 70% of the kids just mucked around.  I wish I had had the chance to get over my shyness in such a supportive environment!

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