If you ever visit Blackpool ….

If you ever visit Blackpool …. 


We live 5 miles down the road from Blackpool, which is not one of my favourite places.  However on a quiet day its not a bad location for shopping, its got a great beach and the promendae walk is excellent.  On a busy day, (never go on a Bank Holiday!), its full of drunken louts and is best avoided.  That said it has some great entertainment my favoutrite of which are the yearly shows, and the best of these is eclipse, a combination of Music, Dance and Acrobatic circus.  It really is worth a visit.

Here is the marketting buzz:

Eclipse is the first and only circus musical created in the UK. This unique show is pure theatre. From booking your seats your journey through the elements and a fantasy of our world class performers will leave you truly amazed as they perform elegant and death-defying feats before your very eyes. With the ultimate in choreography we dare you to see the whole show in one visit. All the special effects in this show have been created especially for you – so you will have a dream come true and a memory forever. ECLIPSE – A SHOW YOU DREAM OF SEEING! “BEAUTIFULLY STAGED” – OK! Magazine “STUNNING” – The Daily Telegraph “MUST SEE” – OK! Magazine

We all went to see it again today, I have seen it twice, Debbie’ Jenny and Stephie 3 times and Tessa and Anna and one of their friends saw it for the first time.  Tessa and Anna are six and they sat mesmerised through the whole thing!

Check out the web site if you are interested

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