Why no one wants to save money saving paper

I admit I have written a business case or two in the past that included saving paper.  One actually did make the savings it claimed, but the other like millions of others resulted in more paper usage.  There is a good article on the topic on the Bloor blog IT-Director.com.  But what caught my eye was this:

So why in these cost conscious times isn’t anyone bothering to pursue this line! Well there is no golden result; the beneficiaries are spread all over the cost centres that use the floor space. The floor space seems to be nobody’s real concern once you have it. Accountants hardly have the energy, experience and drive to get this particular show on the road when there are easier pickings in telling cost centres to reduce their numbers or capital items in their annual budgets.

What Michael has hit upon here is the same reason that Personal Productivity has dropped off the agenda within most enterprises.  No one owns it, and the benefit is widely distributed.  I wrote about this in a previous article.

Steve Richards

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