Citrix Previews Future Technologies

As usual Brian Madden has all of the latest information on Citrix, this time it’s the main features in Metraframe Presentation Server 4.  Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.

Citrix’s future technologies include:

  • Smart Access
  • ActiveSync via ICA
  • TWAIN imaging device ICA redirection (scanners, cameras, etc.)
  • Performance management technology licensed from Aurema and RTO
  • Audio enhancements in preparation for VoIP
  • EMF-based Printing
  • Windows 64-bit support
  • Application Isolation Environments
  • Virtual IP addresses
  • GoToWebinar
  • ICA Session Recording, Archiving, and Surveilling
  • Hardware Appliances

For a more detailed list of each feature check bout Brian’s web site

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