Daily Archive: December 25, 2004

Looking Back

I thought I would take the opportunity to look back on my year (and a funny old year it’s been) before looking forward to the new year in a few days.  It’s nice and quiet in the house and after such a lovely time (Christmas Morning) it’s left me in an appropriately reflective mood, so here goes:



What a year it’s been, around the middle of January 2004 I started with another flare of Adult Onset Still’s Disease, which had been in remission for about 8 months.  This time no remission has occurred and one year on I am still suffering. However I have come to terms with it well and am approaching the point after many experiments (often painful) and lots of record keeping, research and analysis I think I am on the brink of getting things under control. …


It’s Christmas day today and the girls have had a fantastic time opening and enjoying their presents.  It started like this:


  1. On Christmas Eve the girls were allowed to choose one present to open, inevitably they chose ones that looked most like clothes so that they could where them on Christmas morning!
  2. They all went to bed nice and early without a peep (very unusual) as they all understand that Father Christmas misses any houses where children are awake J
  3. Debbie and I acting as Father Christmas’ helpers then packed up 4 gift bags that Father Christmas was to deliver that night to their bedrooms, one of the nice touches is that during holidays the Twins sleep in bunk beds with their older sisters instead of together.
  4. On Christmas morning we let the kids open their presents from Santa at 7:00AM (and the rest after breakfast) although they often hold one or two back to open on boxing day; which is my Birthday.
  5. This morning Debbie crept into their rooms just after 6:00AM and found them sitting on their beds surrounded by unopened gifts patiently waiting for 7:00 to arrive (bless) I think she let them sneak a …

Windows Media Centre Temptations

Quite a few of my friends now have Windows Media Centre 2005.  I got a Tivo about 3 years ago so I haven’t been too jealous but the Tivo is showing its age, it’s a bit slow it’s hard disk is small and its lack of easy expandability and integration into my home network are gradually frustrating me.  Here is one of many examples of the media experience integration that caught my eye:

Described in its full glory here.  I won’t be investing until the  middle of next year at the earliest but I am starting to earerly anticipate the upgrade.