It’s Christmas day today and the girls have had a fantastic time opening and enjoying their presents.  It started like this:


  1. On Christmas Eve the girls were allowed to choose one present to open, inevitably they chose ones that looked most like clothes so that they could where them on Christmas morning!
  2. They all went to bed nice and early without a peep (very unusual) as they all understand that Father Christmas misses any houses where children are awake J
  3. Debbie and I acting as Father Christmas’ helpers then packed up 4 gift bags that Father Christmas was to deliver that night to their bedrooms, one of the nice touches is that during holidays the Twins sleep in bunk beds with their older sisters instead of together.
  4. On Christmas morning we let the kids open their presents from Santa at 7:00AM (and the rest after breakfast) although they often hold one or two back to open on boxing day; which is my Birthday.
  5. This morning Debbie crept into their rooms just after 6:00AM and found them sitting on their beds surrounded by unopened gifts patiently waiting for 7:00 to arrive (bless) I think she let them sneak a few open early although I was fast asleep so the details are none too clear.
  6. Just after 7:00 though they all paraded into our bedroom with their presents and to our relief could not have been happier, Santa had been very busy on eBay this year and so Christmas was not as expensive as usual but the quality of the presents, especially the array of musical instruments and accessories was amazing!
  7. A very nice touch this year was that Father Christmas wrote each of the girls a lovely letter bound with ribbon that looked back on their year and what he had been most impressed with and explained why he had chosen the presents he had and what he was looking forward to them achieving next year (just the sort of thing my wife would have thought of had she been seconded to the North Pole this year J)
  8. Their present lust slated for a while, we managed a very leisurely breakfast before letting the girls loose on taking all the presents from under our giant tree in the hall into piles (per person) in the living room.  
  9. Then another hour of present opening frenzy (my least favourite part of Christmas I am afraid) followed by tidying and filtering out the presents that would form the centre of the days activities.
  10. The at 10:00 Debbie and Two of the girls went off to Church and Me and the remaining two kids went for a nice walk along the beach, we dropped in on our friends at the Café/restaurants who were preparing for their Christmas customers and then rushed home to make some fresh bread for our buffet lunch.
  11. Debbie made a fantastic buffet (I contributed the hot bread) which incredibly was all eaten and the girls went out to play in the ‘snow’ (we had a 10 minute hail storm)
  12. Everyone has just finished a biscuit snack now and are settling down to some good traditional Christmas TV, while Debbie prepares our roast dinner!
  13. I might just go out for another walk though and try and walk off those biscuits and ease up my aching muscles.


All in all the best Christmas so far I think – and a great meal and quiet TV night tonight and it’s my birthday tomorrow so it’s not over yet.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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