Ink, Typing and Creativity

In his podcast today on Tablet PCs James mentioned that studies have shown the creativity is reduced when typing with both hands (which use both sides of the brain) which explains why many people find that their creativity is increased when using ink as the input method to capture ideas.  In addition the freedom of expression enabled by ink also increases creativity.  I have also seen this, and noticed a similar effect when mainly using my mouse and minimal typing to create Mindmaps on my desktop.

Its interesting how this interesting observation links together posts from yesterday on thinking and on report writing here and here.

Steve Richards

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Begs an interesting question – if you write with your right hand does that mean you activate the left side of your brain and hence the logical side, and if you are left handed you activate the right side of your brain and hence the creative side…

    Speaking as a left hander of course.

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