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James, author of the jkOnTheRun weblog, covering all thing mobile, emailed me yesterday to let me know about his new podcast on all things Tablet.  I have recently been getting into podcasts and listen to them when I am out walking or swimming.  This time though I listened to James at 5* speed in Windows Media Player at home while I followed the products and sites he mentioned in my browser.  All in all the combination of the 5* speed and the excellent content made for a very useful 10–15 minutes.  Podcasting has definately got a future!

Check out the podcast, James covers a wide range of topics, including: 

  • The under utilisation of speech recognition
  • Inking strategies and the effect of inking on the creative process
  • Alternative pen input applications including ritePen, OrangeGuava and a rumour of a Tablet enabled version of ActiveWords.

Here is a list of the main sites he mentioned, snipped from his blog.

Tablet PC Buzz– Spencer Goad, Rob Bushway
Tablet PC Talk– Chris de Herrera
What is New– Lora Heiny
Tablet PC Weblog– Marc Orchant
Tablet PC Questions– Layne Heiny (newsgroup)
Tablet PC Post– Lora & Layne; software info and downloads
The Student Tablet PC– Tracy Hooten & Trevor Claiborne
Tablet PC2– Linda Epstein
Incremental Blogger– Loren Heiny
Rob Bushway’s Blog
Bootstrapped– Iggy Kin
Tablet PC Place– Christopher James
Life on the Wicked Stage– Warner Crocker (apologies to Warner- he is a Theatre Director and not Stage Director)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Steve —

    Good stuff!

    Another Tablet PC resource: TabletDev ( We’re a community site for Tablet PC developers and general commentary on the Tablet PC world.

    — Andy

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