Daily Archive: April 8, 2005

I don’t have time for video!

As usual Jon Udell has a very insightful article about the need to media-shift, in his case from video to audio.  I have the same problem.  When I am at a computer I only really have time to work, watching videos is too distracting so they tend to get neglected.  This is particularly the case when I have a DVD full to watch from a conference, for example I have still not got through all of the videos from the last PDC.  Anyway I came across a useful utility today, Sermonex, that monitors my “To Watch” folder and automatically strips the audio from a WMV file, providing me with a WMA file, perfect for downloading and listening to on my Treo.  I did this once before using SoundRecorder but it was a bit of a pain, this way it just happens automatically in the background.

Market day by the sea

Picture038_08Apr05Picture039_08Apr05I have mentioned before that I live in St Annes on the Sea, a small town that enjoys a micro-climate.  Well it was forecast snow today, but for us it has been a lovely sunny day, which is lucky because it’s market day and what a market it was!  Today we had a speciality continental market, very expensive but a visual delight!