Too Busy to Learn to Be Productive

Dave Pollard’s blog is consistently excellent,  in this post he talks about the fact that people are often “Too Busy Being Unproductive to Learn to Be Productive”.  Just read this snip:

… most people don’t learn to use these aids unless they either stumble on them themselves, or they are shown by someone how to use them (and write them down so they’ll remember how later). And most of the time we’re just too busy being unproductive to do either. If you’re skeptical, spend a half hour observing a co-worker at his/her PC and you’ll be astonished: It’s like watching someone being tortured — awkward workarounds, unnecessary steps, time wasted searching in the wrong places the wrong way. The cost to every enterprise, and our economy as a whole, must be gargantuan.

The following graphic is a summary of Dave’s suggested approach,  there’s much more detail on his blog:


This comprehensive approach is not available to me right now,  although I can definitely see the benefits.  My start point has been to try and share simple processes that I follow for comment, for example my blog cycle, but if I were to look to create compelling user experiences for my corporate customers then Dave’s approach seems to fit the bill. 

Steve Richards

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