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The Lotus Notes/Domino Hints ad Tips blog is excellent, I am a firm believer in the integrated user experience and this blog is already helping me to use Notes more effectively.  Integrated attachment editing is a feature I already new about, but it illustrates my previous post about user experience very nicely.

Prior to Notes 6 you could store documents in a Notes database by attaching them to a Notes document. If you wanted to edit the document, it went like this:

  • Right click
  • Select Open the document
  • Edit
  • Save document somewhere, for example “my documents”
  • Switch back to Notes
  • Delete old version of attachment
  • Click attach
  • Navigate to “my documents” or to file if my documents is already selected
  • Attach file
  • Switch to “my documents”
  • Delete the file

As a result unless I had to I never stored documents in Notes, in Notes 6 and above you now:

  • Right click
  • Select Edit the document
  • Edit
  • Save the document

A really major improvement,  well done Lotus.  Only thing is whilst I really like this feature and the fact that I can keep a replica of my documents on the server and all of my PC’s,  I still don’t use document databases much because the doc links between them only work if I create them on the server copy of the replica,  since I always work in the local replica this breaks the user experience for me.

I wish there were more Lotus/IBM blogs like this though and I wish there were more comments on this one!

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