Windows Vista on the TC1100 (day 2)

This is my second day using Windows Vista beta 2 and now Office 2007 on my trusty TC1100 and its going really well so far. The whole environment seems slicker on the Tablet now, especially the improvements in selecting files and multiple files and the new docked TIP seems to have much better hand writing recognition. I am enjoying OneNote 2007 especially the ability to take notebooks offline (leaving the master on my desktop). I am eagerly awaiting my iMate sp5 which is due in a couple of weeks and work well with OneNote mobile.

Having played around with a few of the built in applications, including photo gallery and media player I am pretty happy with the performance having copied over about 10GB of music and photos.

I have had one graphics driver failure which required a hard reset and had one driver install issue which was very easy to rollback.

The main issue I have is with the task bar and quick launch icons which don’t repaint properly until the mouse passes over them, but this is easy to deal with so long as it gets sorted out by RTM.

(This post created and submitted using Word 2007)

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