PICT0066I am back at work today after a break of a couple of weeks and for the first time this year a holiday has coincided with remission so I have actually managed to get out and enjoy myself and work on the backlog of work around the house,  briefly:

  1. Hiked to the top of Coniston Old Man with my twin girls – 9 years old.  A brilliant day, very hard work, amazingly clear views from the top of the mountain
  2. Hiked the North West of Windermere lake side with twins and second eldest daughter (from the ferry), a great walk by the lake North, then a hard climb to the top of the “valley” and then some wonderful views from on high as we walked back.  If anything the views were even better than from Coniston Old Man.
  3. Hiked to the South West of Windermere lake side with my Mum, twins and eldest daughter, still nice – but not as good as going North
  4. Hiked from my house to Fleetwood on my own, which is a good chunk of the Lancashire Coast – caught up on podcasts and met the rest of the family at Fleetwood – who then took me home!
  5. Hiked from Arnside down to Silverdale and back with my wife
  6. Hiked along the river at Bolton Abbey with the whole family
  7. PICT0234Lots of shorter walks, like to Blackpool and back along the beach with my wife
  8. Repaired two rotten windows, which I had hoped only to paint!  A pretty depressing job as I hacked away a lot of window, but more rewarding as I made the replacements and fitted them and painted them
  9. Caught up on gardening, in particular my main Strawberry beds
  10. Dug out an old tree, the digging out was pretty easy, but chopping it up with a hand saw was a major test of will power!  Good job I’m used to sore muscles!
  11. Went to the cinema and a new Blackpool show – Forbidden – excellent
  12. Loads of reading, some of it great fun, some of it serious

The weather was excellent for the whole time, and whilst I did check email and respond to the more important ones, I didn’t really think too much about work, or read any of my RSS feeds!

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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