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nikon_coolpix_dock I have had an excellent Minolta Dimage Z1 camera for a couple of years, but the 10X zoom makes it really heavy and awkward to carry so I tend not to take it with me.  In particular there’s no way to carry it in the gadget pocket of my everyday rucksack, or my bum bags or pocket.  As a result I have been after something that:

  1. Uses rechargeable batteries – cheap to run
  2. Has a docking station for charging and USB connectivity – easy to use and always ready
  3. Has a USB mass storage interface – no drivers or other software to install
  4. Used SD cards – which I have plenty of
  5. Is small and light
  6. Is robust enough to not need a carry case
  7. Is cheap

nikon_coolpix_S2Ebay came to the rescue again and I managed to find a Nikon Coolpix S2 for

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