Citrix Multi-media over the ICA channel

  1. This was a very difficult session to follow, so the following notes are not that great
  2. Multi-media virtualization
    1. to any end point, over the ICA channel
  3. Apollo
    1. Streaming media
    2. 3D graphics
  4. Remote audio/video extensions, not in XenDesktop – but it is supported with the Linux Wyse thin client
    1. At some time in the future this will run on virtual machines, rather than physical machines with a GPU
  5. key to the above is:
    1. inspecting the end point
    2. inspecting the app
    3. inspecting the network
    4. then decide how to deliver the experience
  6. 3D graphics
    1. Server side GPU’s
    2. Server side rendering units
  7. Accelerated bitmap remoting
    1. directX, OpenGL, WPF, Flash and Silerlight
  8. Realtime communications
    1. VOIP over ICA seems to work ok
    2. Softphone on demand

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