Some useful facts and predictions driving application delivery and mobility

I picked up a few useful bits of information during iForum this week:

  1. Citrix predict that between 30 and 50% of people will be mobile by 2010
  2. Some form of rights management is required when delivering to unmanaged PCs.  For example XenApp has a type of rights management, ie it can disable cut and paste, save to local PC disk, Print etc based on the results of a NAC check.  Microsoft have a much richer rights management solution, but its not currently integrated with NAC, nor can it be applied to all applications.  My thought perhaps SoftGrid execution environment could be NAC and rights management enabled, and therefore prevent certain things on unmanaged PCs
  3. 10% of people poled in a couple of sessions had increasing IT budgets
  4. 60% of people are expected to be working either from home or in branch offices by 2010
  5. There were 1.2B mobile phones in 2007, expected to be 1B SmartPhones by 2010
  6. 47% of companies now consider data protection now more important than perimeter security, again another hint at the potential growth of rights management if it could be made seamless enough for people who have rights!
  7. An IDC study was quoted that predicted that knowledge workers would be working with 60% of their information sourced from outside the company within 5 years.  I can really relate to this, I think I’m way beyond that ratio already and this >60% is part of my personal knowledge management system, not my companies, although some small part of it is relevant to share.

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