Communal Responsibility

PICT0084As I was driving along the prom today I saw a JCB and a couple of guys shovelling sand off the pavements.  A job that not too long ago I’m sure would have been done by the owners of the Hotels that line the prom.  A job that each hotel could do in a few minutes a week becomes a costly activity that gets done at best every couple of months.

Most mornings I walk along a couple of streets to go into town, I pick up a couple of cans, bottles and the odd plastic bag, burger container or coffee cup as I go.  Just on my own I manage to keep these streets free of litter.  If the people who lived there, picked up the litter outside their houses once a week, the problem would be solved.  Instead they rely on a street cleaner or huge path scale vacuum cleaner which comes around once a month and does a terrible job because parked cars, lamp posts, bins etc. getting in the way.

One ray of hope is that we do at least have a community beach clean, but its done by a dozen regulars, who all probably litter pick the streets they walk down too!

A bit of community spirit and communal responsibility goes a long way, we seem to be loosing it rapidly though.  The picture is of a lovely community allotment, that I look at lovingly every time I walk past it at Arnside.

Steve Richards

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