The iPhone Cometh … Eventually

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I’ve been patient, steadfastly waiting for an iPhone that felt like a real upgrade to my trusty 4S and the 6S finally convinced me.  It’s a phone that has the power, RAM (2GB) and storage (128GB) to be a real travelling companion and boy is it fast.  This year I finally got to the point where I no longer worry about storage on any of my devices, my home server has 3TB, my laptops 512GB and my phone 128GB.  That’s enough for me to keep all of my Evernote notebooks offline, all my music, all of my maps … everything basically, it’s a liberating feeling. Especially combined with a 6GB/month data allowance (work used to provide me with 1GB).  Unfortunately while I’m delighted with the hardware, the upgrade experience has been a real pain, somehow despite backing up my old phone with encryption the restore was missing many configuration details and most of the apps had to be manually downloaded.  Still all is well now and I’m happy!

The phone didn’t arrive until late afternoon so after a quick dash to Preston to drop Anna off I was housebound for about 7 hours.  As a result the house has been cleaned and tidied from top to bottom, I’ve mostly built the new retaining wall that will hold back the higher level of our garden, I’ve painted the raised beds with preservative and packed ready for my trip to Amsterdam.  When I finally got the phone sorted I made one quick trip into town to send back a mini vacuum cleaner that lasted only 2 weeks, the replacement arrived from Amazon today.

I also had plenty of time to wire in a new car kit for the 6S which I really like, even though it’s not quite as good as the TomTom kit it replaces.  I’m not happy with the (very cheap) case I bought though, it’s too tight and clumsy, so I’m using a leather holster that I had spare for now, until a new case arrives tomorrow in the style of the old Blackberry holsters I loved for so many years.

Anna’s in London today with Thom, who’s been shortlisted for an essay writing prize, today’s pic shows one of my favourite spots from my time in London with Steph in August, by the canal, in front of the London University of the Arts

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