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One of the downsides to going away is all the catching up there is to do.  Debbie and the girls made a special effort to minimise this for me this time, but there was still plenty to do.  After writing a blog post about my megabus experience at Caffe Nero and reading for an hour at the Beach Terrace Cafe I was ready to get stuck in.  Tidying up the vegetable beds, cutting the lawns, posting my eBay sales, ironing, clothes washing and drying, washing up and sweeping and cleaning the floors filled most of the afternoon.  Despite lots of rain I managed to get in two cycle rides and two walks and I’m hoping for an evening walk later on tonight.

An email arrived today from Stu with a form attached for all the recipients to fill in to try and finally schedule a day for what he describes as a ‘thank you meal’ for me from all my local friends at work.  Scheduling this meal must be one of the longest running attempts at a get together ever and I guess as the numbers increase it becomes every more difficult to get everyone together, all the dates are in October so this should finally mark the end of the saga.

I’ve been trying to ice my arm for 20 minutes every 2 hours and I’ve done pretty well.  I even bought a pack of peas at Tesco in town so that I could sit with it on my shoulder in Caffe Nero and I’ve done 3 ices at home too.  I’m surprised to report that even after only 24 hours my shoulder is feeling quite a lot better.  I think I will restart stretching and gentle exercise on it tomorrow.  All the sitting with the ice pack has provided plenty of Tv time and I’ve been working my way through the inspirational It’s Not Easy being Green, series two is a distinct disappointment after series one, I’m hopeful for series three.

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