I had to take my car in for its MOT today which provided me the opportunity to go to Lytham Caffe Nero for a change before driving to Stanways, my all time favourite garage, which although it’s changed ownership still seems to have most of the excellent staff working there.  While I left my car in their capable hands I walked back into Lytham along the prom and popped into Berties, which serves superb granary toast, and then I went for a walk through Witch Wood and Green Drive.

I’m currently listening to Finding Ultra, the inspiring story of Rich Roll who overcame a lifetime of addiction to become one of the worlds fittest men and an ultra-triathlon legend, it’s a truly inspiring book.  I purchases the eBook from Amazon and for a couple of pounds extra I got the audio book which is the perfect combination, I prefer to ‘read’ the book by listening, but then when I want to refer back to sections that I want to action in my own life it’s much better to be working with text.  Rich is remarkable for many reasons, but most unusual is that he is a vegan, I’m not tempted to follow in his footsteps, but I did like the fact that he gulps down a couple of green smoothies, very like mine, each day!

When I arrived home my wormery had arrived and I quickly assembled it and settled my worms into their new home.  The kit included a large brick of coir compost that I soaked to create the base, then I added a few handfuls of soil to provide bacteria and fungi, followed by the worms, a handful of worm food and then a couple of inches of soaked and shredded newspaper.  After a few weeks the worms should have settled into their new home and be ready to start creating top quality compost from our kitchen waste.  Right now the wormery is on the drive, but over-winter it will probably go just inside the garage door, for warmth.

Next up I jumped on my bike to post Steph’s birthday cards to Amsterdam and then I went for a 20 minute ride, arriving home just in time for Microsoft’s major event, announcing their new devices.  Although the presentation style was slightly annoying, the devices themselves were top notch and it’s great to see so much innovation flowing from Microsoft, perhaps more than from Apple, but certainly equal in my mind.  I’m tempted, but unsure whether they have done enough for me to invest.  While I was watching an email arrived from Richard with the plans for our ‘adventure’ weekend, Friday and Saturday.  The current plan is to start walking at about 10am in the area around Malham Cove, spend the night at Slaidburn youth hostel and then cycle the following day.  The idea of cycling around the Forest of Bowland on my Brompton filled me with dread, but I experimented with getting my main bike in the boot and managed it ok, so I’m feeling much better about the prospect.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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