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It’s one of my favourite times of year, when I can enjoy an afternoon walk with glorious sunsets.  I like something to tempt me out of the house, Caffe Nero does that in the morning and sunsets do it in the afternoon, star/moonlight does it in the evening.

This morning started with a trip to Caffe Nero, I decided to walk because my old knee injury is playing up a bit while cycling and I need to start icing it I think.  I then walked north to the sand dunes between St Annes and Blackpool and back along the beach and along the prom.  That’s a decent 8000 step walk so when I noticed that the Deckhouse cafe was open I decided to treat myself with a reading break there and took a nice photo from the end of the pier.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Deckhouse, it’s a nice little place, often very quiet and it was today.

I then headed home and after lunch got stuck into cleaning house.  The rain provided a good excuse to do a lot today, dusting everywhere, vacuuming, cleaning all the mirrors, toilets, floors, shower, bath and kitchen.  I do like it when the house is clean and tidy and it even seems to have inspired Anna and Debbie to rationalise some of the cupboards that were bulging with mugs and cups and as a result frustrated us all every time we tried to put things away.

The netting arrived for my raised beds today, but rain prevented me fitting it, maybe tomorrow will provide an opportunity to get it done, but I’m hoping to spend the day with Debbie, so it might be next week instead.

I’m still feeling tired so I alternated cleaning with watching the last (actually the first in sequence) of the StarGate movies, and I’m now ready to restart the TV series from the beginning, that should keep me going well into the winter.  Once finished I couldn’t resist going for a quick bike ride so I decided to visit the new Booths supermarket, for the first time and then to head back to the beach to watch the fantastic sunset.

I also got the chance to chat to Steph on Facebook for a few minutes and I was pleased to hear that she’s doing well and is ‘top of the class’ according to her latest exam results.

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