Feeling Very Sick

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It was raining when I woke up this morning and unlike some of my friends I’m a fine weather ‘outdoorsman’ so I stayed inside and watched Madame Secretary, one of my favourite TV shows.  I particularly like the family and workplace dynamics and although it’s all ridiculously simplified to fit in 45 minutes, if you read between the lines there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had there.  To compensate for the lack of a longer morning walk I watched from the comfort of my exercise bike and once finished did the short walk to Caffe Nero, thankfully by then the rain had stopped.

Most of my time at the cafe was spent trying to figure out how to download video podcasts in such a way that I can watch them on my laptop or desktop via Windows Media Centre, in the end this turned out to be easy to do using the app Hermespod, which downloads to a directory on my house server, which is then synched to my media centre and laptop using BTsync.  I can even download a youtube channel using this technique by using the app Youcast.  I’m intending to watch some of my favourite podcasts in video form because it’s more ‘social’ than just listening and media centre, with it’s excellent remote control is my my viewing experience of choice, even on Windows 10.

When I left Caffe Nero it was raining again so I headed straight home.  It was our plan to go out this afternoon for a meal at Cleveleys Cafe Cove and then to watch Spectre at the Vue cinema.  Unfortunately while I was getting ready I was rapidly overcome by a terrible feeling of nausea and was sick, waves of muscle and joint pain quickly followed and a sore throat.  I guess I have some kind of aggressive sickness bug, a first time for me, but Debbie and the kids have had quite a few, based on their experience I should be ok tomorrow.  In fact as I write this, about 4 hours later, I’m starting to feel more human again and watching the first season of Stargate.  I’ve watched the three films over the previous three days, so I’m nicely primed.

The photo today is from last nights evening walks, I’ve started walking after TV time with Debbie.  We used to watch two shows a night, but she’s generally too tired now and falls asleep after one show, so I go walking instead, I’m really enjoying it although it would be even better to have company.  Although I intensely dislike Halloween, the photo is my feeble attempt to get in the mood, fortunately I will be back late tomorrow so I should miss most if it.

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