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Today was my first day immersed fully in my new responsibility for the shopping and meal preparation and it was quite a challenge squeezing everything into my normal daily routine and I’ve been tired.  Tired because last night I didn’t sleep very well at all, the dreaded restless leg kicked off at about 2am and in total I think I managed about 5 hours sleep.  The day started normally enough at about 7am, I walked to Caffe Nero and as black bins lined the street I cleared up lots of rubbish into them all as I went along.  I had a good couple of hours in Caffe Nero, did the vegetable shop at Aldi and then went straight home as it was threatening rain.

The first job of the day was sorting out the household and food storage areas in the garage.  This was quite a big job, lots of existing stuff to sort through and quite a bit to throw out and lots of organising and cleaning to do.  I’m very pleased with the result though, everything is much easier to find and  re-stock.  I have the same job to do in the pantry cupboard inside, but that will wait for another day.  Next up was the cleaning — bathroom, toilets, mirrors, carpets, hard floors and kitchen.  Then I had a big salad for lunch and watched 10 short, 5 minute, mini episodes of Battlestar Galactica, quite enjoyable – but a strange formula.

Tess and I had a good chat over lunch and then we set off to Morrisons to do a big shop, I normally do the shopping on my own so it was a real treat to have company, although she didn’t like me walking off and leaving her.  I recall that when the kids were little I was always sending them off on ‘missions’ to get things while I walked around, she’s not so keen on these missions now!

After unpacking I started to prepare the evening meal, the core of which was Toad In The Hole, but every one of us had their own unique variations.  It was quite a challenge preparing everything from scratch, getting the timing right, keeping the food warm and making sure everyone got what they liked.  It turned out well though and we had another lovely family meal.  One of the best things about the chore system we operate is that Jennie does the washing up and Anna puts away, which makes doing the cooking a lot more enjoyable as I don’t need to worry about the ‘consequences’.

All done and I walked into town, shopped for the handful of things we had forgotten or couldn’t find earlier and then I went swimming.  Tonight’s swim was the first for months without any shoulder pain, although there’s still some aching, it’s quite a relief. When I finally arrived home at 8:30 I was pleased to see that Debbie had made up the fruit salads, so I could collapse in the chair and we could watch Sleep Hollow, surprisingly I managed to stay awake, but only just.

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