Fleas :-(


It’s been raining for most of the day again, but fortunately I got in my morning walk to Caffe Nero and back without a drop falling on me, even so the wind along the sea front was almost as bad.  Caffe Nero time was great as usual, Andy was there and I also had a really nice chat with Michelle, who’s been a hard not to crack as she normally has her head stuck in a newspaper whenever I see her.  She works in a small call centre in St Anne’s and is in her sixties, lives alone and always seems very weary and frustrated with the world. I learned today that she is going to see her son in America next week, for the first time in three years.  Michelle brings to four, the number of people that I regularly talk to in the morning, which is nice.

After Caffe Nero I did some shopping in Aldi and I’m becoming ever more impressed with the quality of the food there, especially their very cost effective line of organic produce, apparently Lidl has a good range too, so I will be exploring there later in the week.  Even buying a lot of organic now I’m spending less on food than I was a month ago!

I also popped into the vets to get flea treatment for the cats, unfortunately they told us they no longer sell Frontline products as they claim they no longer work, so I had to ‘buy’ the more expensive prescription only Stronghold, I say ‘buy’ because I really don’t remember paying for it!  I’ve also got some spray for the carpets and will be treating them later in the week once it’s sunny and windy outside, to provide the ventilation!  For the first time I gave the kids responsibility for applying the insecticide to the cats necks, I’m not sure how well it went, but I hope they wore gloves, otherwise I’m expecting plenty of scratches.

Once home I did the ironing, cleaning, had a nap, cooked dinner for Tess and Ann and made lunch for Debbie and Anna for tomorrow.  I also got in two sessions on my exercise bike, while watching an excellent TV show about permaculture, made in Australia, it was very inspiring.

Debbie and I went out for a meal at Toby’s tonight too, we walked and again managed to avoid the rain, now that I’m doing the shopping and cooking Debbie and I are getting to spend more time together which is fantastic and I’m enjoying my new role as a ‘domestic god’.

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