Sunshine and Hail

2015-11-13 15.38.46

It’s been a wonderful day today, the changeable weather provided amazing clouds and a quality of light that’s just not possible when the weather is all sunshine and blue skies.  Winter waterproofs provided all of the protection that I needed and the intermittent rain and hail only made me appreciate the sunny spells more.  I started the day as usual at Caffe Nero, after walking into town along the prom, then walked back via Sainsbury’s to stock up with cherries for the journey to Rivington.  When I arrived home I was just in time to see Jennie off on her trip to Manchester and have a nap.

I parked up at the far end of the reservoir, about an hour away from The Barn and lunch and arrived at exactly the same time as Graham.  We chatted away for a couple of hours, I had wonderful bacon and eggs and then he headed home in his car while I walked for another hour back to mine.  I arrived home just in time to make dinner, sausage sandwiches for Anna, chicken salad for Tess, stir fried vegetable omelette for Debbie and cheese and egg salad for me. 

I then had to find Tessa’s GCSE certificates in Evernote and during the hunt came across her memories folder with some really funny emails she sent me trying to convince us that she and Anna should be allowed to get a dog, I’ve just finished reading them out to Debbie, and printed a copy for Tess and Anna to read.  Tess needs cheering up as she’s busy doing her UCAS application.

We are watching Sleepy Hollow now, it’s hotting up!

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