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After a weekend soaking in the gloom that accompanied ISIS’s terrors in Paris and then subsequent brooding about the generally bleak outlook for peace with Islamists in general, it was with great relief that I headed out to walk in nature with Vince today. To think about problems closer to home and in the glorious countryside that heals all concerns.  When I came back of course the real world had not gone away, but I felt better to deal with, or perhaps ignore, it – as there’s nothing I can contribute to it’s solution; only donate to ease it’s suffering, and I’ve done that.

My day started early after another good nights sleep, but I must have woken up in the middle of a sleep cycle as it was impossible to force myself out of bed, which I tried to do because I heard Debbie’s keys rattling around downstairs as she left, as a result I failed to see her off, again! Anyway I made short work of the washing and the cats, loaded up my car and headed to Caffe Nero, via Sainsbury’s where I failed o secure any cherries, which means tomorrow my cravings will be in full force!  I had a lovely time reading there, enjoying another free milk (they are in a generous mood at the moment) and admiring the clouds lit up pink by the sunrise.  Sue suggested a podcast to be called Ramblings which I’m looking forward to listening to when I’m in the mood.

If a red sky in the morning is meant to herald bad weather, it failed as a predictor today as I enjoyed a fabulous walk with Vince.  The patchwork of sunlight shining through the clouds, the rainbows and the flooded fields, rocky cliffs and glorious beaches were all jaw dropping.  We also had a long productive chat about some of Vince’s challenges at work and life in general, an easy free flowing discussion as we walked.  We had a snack on Silverdale beach, battered by the wind and then climbed high over the Knott, sheltered by the forest.  The only challenge was the heat we were generating rather than the weather!

When we arrived back in Arnside  we availed ourselves of the first cafe we came to where I enjoyed an excellent bacon and eggs and Vince a steak pie with mushy peas.  Driving home I listened to podcasts,  relieved that we had missed the rain that I was forced to drive through.  I arrived home pretty exhausted, jumped in the bath, expecting to read but finding myself falling asleep, so I reluctantly dried off and had a full 45 minute nap, before finishing off 4 loads of washing.

Debbie and I are going out for a meal tonight and then going to the cinema to see The lady In The Van, after which I will be attempting to read in the bath again before watching TV as my body sinks ever closer to sleep.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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  1. Vince says:

    It was delight to share the day, the walk, the conversation with you. I’m just wondering if I’ll become the man in the Van?

  2. You ave too many friends 😉

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