Feeling Rough

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I’m feeling very rough today, I’ve gradually got worse as the day’s worn on and by dinner I was struggling to stand up for long.  Day’s like this can be a trial, but there’s no pressure on me to do anything now which makes it easier to cope with.

My day started as usual at Caffe Nero, actually it didn’t start as usual because I woke up half an hour earlier, which meant I got to see Debbie off, then I went to Nero’s, did my jobs, got my free milk, chatted to the milkman and showed off my pictures from yesterday’s walk to the ‘girls’.  Then I went for a walk to the north end of St Annes and back through the dunes, which is a decent hike and the weather was surprisingly kind to me.

I then did the weekly shop at Aldi, which I’m ever more impressed with, two huge bags of veg, dairy and eggs, all free range/organic and costing a paltry £14 – amazing value.  When I got home I was starting to feel ‘wrong’ and so Jennie kindly put all the food away and I frittered away an hour or so doing I know not what.  Disappointed with myself for doing nothing I then decided to cut the lawn and take a nap, but I promised myself that later I would spend an hour on my exercise bike and do the vacuuming (cat flea eggs wait for no man).  I succeeded and really enjoyed the TV, but I could feel fatigue and pain flowing over me as I pedalled.  By the end of the bike ride I was good for nothing but a bath, so after a chat with Tess and Ann, that’s where I ended up for an hour.

My mood was lifted by the new release of my favourite iPhone app, Memento, which is just magical.  All my investment in diary keeping in Twitter suddenly coming alive and is greatly enhanced by Memento’s integration with the Moves app.  I must have spent 20 minutes soaking and floating down memory lane.

Out of the bath, I made dinner for Tessa and Anna and lunch for Debbie and Anna and I had a lovely meal with them educating me about the films I should watch.

It’s Debbie’s first ever parents evening as a teacher tonight and she’s on her way home late, I was planning on swimming, but with the way I’m feeling that would be a bad idea, so it’s going to be another Sleepy Hollow night and I’ve a food feast saved up for later – yum.

The photo show’s our lunch spot in Silverdale from yesterday, the cottages look lovely but listening to the storm outside tonight, I know where I’d rather be, snuggled up in St Annes

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