Not A Bad Day, All Things Considered

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It’s been another difficult day today, every thing has been a mighty struggle against my inclination to do nothing, but I know from long experience that doing nothing’s not in my long term interest, so I struggle on.  I slept pretty well, woke up sore, stiff and weary but still trudged my way through the rain to Caffe Nero, Andy was there this morning so I had company while we waited for it to open and they felt sorry for us and let us in early.  Paul then joined me later and we had a good long chat, in place of our usual walk, in part because of my flare and in part because it was seriously tipping it down the whole time.

I left town for home at about 10:30 with a big chocolate bar to cheer me up and headed home during a lull in the rain.  At home it was a real challenge to do anything productive, but I did a few things.  I upgraded Tessa’s old laptop to Windows 10, so that she has a good spare for when she goes to Uni, and I did the clothes and pot washing and watched some Stargate SG1 and had a nap.  Feeling slightly better I then walked along the prom and went swimming.  I waited in the lounge by the pool for sunset which I then admired on the walk home.  As I was wandering along I realised that I was making a big roast meal for six tonight (Anna, Tess, Jon, Jennie, Deb and me) and I’d not prepared anything so I had to quicken my pace, if I was going to have time to make good Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes.  In the end it all worked out well!

Jennie and Jon had their second baby scan today and the pictures were really great, very detailed and clear.  It was lovely to see Jen so pleased and I would have been really excited if I’d not been minutes away from collapsing.

Debbie is out tonight at a church meeting, so I’m in on my own watching TV and comfort eating, not a bad day all things considered.

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