Lazy Saturday

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I was up nice and early and headed off to Caffe Nero but the sun was out and I had itchy feet, so I left after an hour and went for a superb beach walk.  The wind was very strong and the beach very wet, perfect conditions for ‘sand rivers’ as the wind dries the surface sand and then carries it in giant torrents across the beach.  The contrast between the dark wet sand and the dry light sand, brightly lit up by the sun is just fantastic and to walk through the rivers is an annual treat.  After taking a few photos I the walked south to the Beach Terrace Cafe and was amazed to see it completely empty, even though it was well past opening time, so I took pity on them and popped in for toast.  As so often seems to be the case with cafes, once one person arrives many people follow and it was soon buzzing. 

Debbie and I had scheduled to leave for Cleveleys at 11:30 so when I arrived home I had just enough time to do the weekly bathroom/toilet clean and after a few additional odd jobs and a punnet of cherries we were off.  I drove, because Debbie is fretting about the number of miles she’s doing during the week, and it was a quick drive through Blackpool for a change.  We brunched at Cafe Cove, did a little shopping in Cleveleys and then went to watch the Lady In The Van.  We both really enjoyed it, with the magnificently emotive performance by Maggie Smith working superbly in contrast to the wooden/timid portrayal of Alan Bennett.

When we left the cinema we also got to enjoy the glorious view of the beach just after sunset, very atmospheric and moody.  It was really chilly and I was quite amazed to see so many lights twinkling on the beach, marking the locations of dozens of night fishermen, all much hardier than I.  Earlier Deb and I had both admired the crisp, bright white wind farm in Morecambe Bay and we got to see it by night, hundreds of flickering red warning lights.  I just love off-shore wind farms, they are like forests of the sea!

On the way home I was pleased to see that the Blackpool illuminations were still lighting our way home and I really enjoyed them and the tower.  I didn’t make any meals today, having a well earned rest, a bowl of cereal was just perfect.

I’m heading out to the pool now and we will we watching Sleepy Hollow as usual, but we have almost finished the current season, so later this week it will be all change in the TV department!

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