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Every year we write a family newsletter that get’s included with the Christmas cards.  I’m not a huge fan of swapping cards, but I do love it when we receive newsletters, even in the Facebook era they are richer and more personal.  For the last few years I’ve been writing them and today I did the first draft, one of my particular pleasures is to think through the highlights of the year and especially to choose the photo’s that will be included.  For the first time ever the newsletter includes a picture of everyone with their significant other as all the girls are now in long term relationships, which is a nice landmark as next year I’m expecting them to have all left home, although only to university for Tessa and Anna.

I slept better last night, although I had to resort to cocodamol to combat the restless leg, a good nights sleep is worth it.  Regardless of how much sleep I get though I always seem very groggy in the morning, I can’t remember the last time I awoke ‘rearing to go’.  Still I always have Caffe Nero to look forward to and that gets me out of bed eventually.  I didn’t put the cafe chairs out today as it seemed too windy, but while I was reading the staff did it.  I put them away again soon after as I watched them blowing away in the wind about half an hour later.

The weather is still quite variable, but good enough for me to enjoy a good long walk this morning.  Unfortunately I’d wrapped up expecting the cold, like yesterday, but the wind had changed and it was mild again leaving me ‘nice’ and sweaty.  I fuelled up on my home made cheesecake, which is ultra healthy, but I still wolfed down a mega salad as well just in case.  I then had a nap and spent an hour on the exercise bike watching Madame Secretary after which I was dripping with sweat so I went in the bath to read for an hour.  I also squeezed in the clothes washing, washing up, putting away and sweeping the hard floors.

Debbie and I are going out for a meal tonight and a walk.  Anna and Thom are at the cinema watching Brooklyn, Tess is working and Jennie is at Jons, so the cats have the house to themselves!  When Debbie and I get back we will be watching the last episode of Sleepy Hollow, Debbie fell asleep half way through it last night, so I think it would be better to start from the beginning.  I also downloaded the book to read, although the original story is quiet different to the TV show.

I’m planning to walk in the lakes tomorrow, maybe Haweswater, maybe Windermere, I will decide en route.

Today’s photo, like yesterday’s, is from Haweswater a couple of years ago.

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