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Having spent the morning with Tess on Sunday, I got the opportunity to spend the evening with Anna and Thom today, learning – nothing – about student finance from a a nice young lady from Student Finance England, who seemed to know only the information on her slides, referring almost all questions to the help line.  She filled out her presentation by providing some information on her background, the course she had studied and the fact that post graduation in English and Philosophy, she’d spent a year in China, backpacking and teaching English.  Unfortunately her academic prowess obviously didn’t extend to studying information about student loans.  Still it was nice to spend some time with the kids.  I also spied Simon in the audience and although we didn’t get to chat, I later chatted via Facebook Messenger and we’ve arranged a walking meet up later in the year, so the night wasn’t a waste.

I’ve not been feeling too good today, I had a bad night sleep wise, suffering badly with restless leg, as I’d not taken any cocodamol before I went to sleep.  I’m pretty confident now that the cocodamol helps me sleep through, if I don’t take it, restless leg wakes me up after a couple of hours and I can’t sleep until I’ve gone downstairs, watched some TV and taken a dose.  So I didn’t get to sleep until gone two and then woke up at six and snoozed until seven.  The morning was a struggle, and I left Caffe Nero early because I couldn’t concentrate.  I went for a nice long walk, enjoying the dry weather, did the organic shopping at Aldi and then headed home.

Once home I made lunch, watched a couple of TED Talks, did two loads of washing and then took a nap.  When I woke up I made my own recipe Vegetarian sausages (that were a hit), made a couple of cheesecakes and then made dinner for myself, Debbie, Thom, Anna and Tessa.  Then we went off to the sixth form college for the student finance talk.

Debbie slept even worse than I did last night, so although we attempted to watch some Sleepy Hollow, she’d fallen asleep within 15 minutes, so we have the rest of that episode to enjoy tomorrow.  We did however manage to watch Homes By The Sea, my favourite jealously inducing TV homes show.

I’m hoping to walk around Haweswater (pictured) on Wednesday, it’s stunning, but hard work and it will be wet under foot!

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