Swimming Through A Flare

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I’ve gradually swum myself through a flare over the last few days, swimming on Friday, Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening, gradually the pain has eased and I’ve felt my strength return although my feet still hurt with every step.  Yet again I’ve proved to myself that gentle activity is the best way to cope with a flare, as well as good food and good company.

I had a nice long lie in this morning because Debbie and I were going to Toby’s for a big breakfast, well big for me anyway.  judging by the way some people pile up their plates though mine was still a very meagre portion, although it’s much bigger now that they do breakfast Yorkshire puddings, which are fantastic!  On the way back we walked through the Dalmeney and I was tempted by an almost empty pool and felt very much better for it.  I did some reading in the pool side lounge and popped into the shops and then headed home.

Ann and Tess were home after an eventful evening.  The wedding reception went well, they did a lot of dancing together and Thom’s speech went well but when they went back to Thom’s grandparents they found an ambulance just leaving with his grandma who had just had a mild heart attack.  The ambulance driver refused to tell them which hospital they were going to, so they wasted an hour at Lancaster before finally catching up with her at Blackpool.   They arrived home at 4am and I had to drag Tess out of bed at twelve.  Anna and Thom went to visit her this afternoon and she seems to be recovering well, just bored.

My afternoon was very quiet, I had a nice nap, read my book, did a few odd jobs and made dinner for Anna, Tess and Deb and then went swimming again, before watching Bones with Deb.

Anna has almost completed her portfolio (see photo) and she showed us it tonight, it’s superb, that’s not just my judgement – her teacher said it’s the best she’s ever seen – very proud!

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