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After yesterday’s four hour walk and with tomorrows Windermere walk firmed up, the focus for today was having a good rest.  I woke up completely exhausted even though in theory I slept for over seven hours, it definitely didn’t feel like it and the foggy feeling stayed with me all day, even after my afternoon nap all I really wanted to do was sleep.  I did however get some rest as planned.  I walked along the sea-front to Caffe Nero, getting soaked by a car driving through a huge puddle on the way, but I soon dried out.  I spent just over an hour in Caffe Nero being too tired to read, especially as my noisy nemesis was there, talking at the top of his voice as if he was doing some sort of performance for the whole cafe to ‘enjoy’.  I then headed home via Sainsbury’s arriving around 10am, which is very early for me. 

At home I finished off the washing and washing up and cleaned the floors and all of the kitchen cabinets and appliances and had a nap.  Then I popped back into St Annes, along the prom, for some milk before preparing dinner.  Anna rang to update me about her interview which seems to have gone very well.  The interviewer was gushing “this is the best portfolio I’ve ever seen” etc etc … so I think she stands a very good chance, which is good news as East London University is her backup.

Dinner tonight was a big roast meal, which turned out well, although Jennie was 20 minutes late so I had to practice my ‘keep warm’ skills, tonight we had Jennie, Jon, Deb and me around the table and we were discussing how we are going to cope with eleven people for dinner next week, I think my desk is going to be called into service!

I wanted to go swimming tonight, but it’s too late now, so maybe we will get to watch a couple of TV shows for a change, Bones and Grim I think.

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