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Oh what a night, the last time I had such a bad night was just over a year ago when I was in hospital with Jennie.  Last night was all my own doing though, still suffering from codeine withdrawal I managed an hours sleep, before waking just after midnight and then failing to get back to sleep three times, before finally giving up and going out for a walk along the sea front and having a bath. After which at just after 4am I did manage a couple of hours sleep before Steph woke me up moving around the house on her way to the train.  As it happened though walking around town in the middle of the night was actually a wonderful experience, I saw a fox on the beach and lots of rabbits too, it was so tranquil, with only a little wind, fairly warn and not a human anywhere.  It’s one of those bitter sweet experiences, that might result in me doing more late night walks in the future, I can certainly image walking around a moonlit Filey Bay at 2am next time I’m there!

Steph left today for Oxford and she will be flying back to Amsterdam soon,  I’m pretty sure that just before she left she came into my room to say goodbye, but I was so deeply asleep that it took me several minutes to fight back to something approaching consciousness and by then I’d already heard the door close.  Half dreaming I tried to force myself to get up and see her off at the station, but I failed that battle of wills, which was lucky because she wouldn’t have been there anyway as the train had been cancelled and Debbie had given her a lift to Preston.  I drifted in and out of consciousness for another hour or so and finally surfaced about an hour later.

Based on yesterday’s weather forecast and the sunshine yesterday, Mum and I were primed for a sunny walk to Lytham, but it was not to be, the wind had picked up and the clouds rolled in.  We still walked to Lytham but took the golf course route to take the edge off the wind and it was as enjoyable as can be expected after almost no sleep and with a painful leg dragging along.  I had to keep pulling Mum back as her pace was just that little bit faster than mine and with the wind noise it was difficult to hear her speak one pace ahead of me.  We met Debbie for lunch at Lytham Kitchen and it was lovely to spend some time together, Debbie is finally getting on top of the work she has to do to provide the evidence needed to leave behind her ‘newly qualified’ teacher status and become ‘just’ a teacher, what a relief that will be for her, as she worries herself about such things!

Mum and I then walked home along Lytham sea front (see above), with the wind on my back, the pain gradually building in my leg all the way so I was very pleased to get back home and take a nap and unsurprisingly I managed the full 45 minutes. Jennie and Jon came around and we had a really interesting wide ranging talk, about taste, addiction and TV amongst other things, good fun, even in my brain addled state.

I’m hoping for a quick swim again tonight, but much as I enjoyed my early morning walk, tonight it would be very nice to sleep for a change!

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