Learning How To Walk

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While walking today I’ve been listening to Katy Bowman, reading her book Move Your DNA, it’s a fantastic book, but I’ve particularly enjoyed the chapter on walking.  Katy’s been convincing me to really embrace walking on difficult terrain and to generally mix up my walking, lots of different distances, elevations, surfaces etc.  My favourite Rivington walk provides lots of variety, fields, rocky paths, marshy/muddy areas, woodland paths, plenty of hills, a few scrambles and jumps and lots of opportunity for press-ups and dips along the way. It was really great!

My day started at Caffe Nero in Lytham after a good nights sleep, I spent ninety minutes there and after consulting the weather app, decided that the best opportunity for some sunshine was Rivington rather than the Lakes.  On the drive the sunrise was really magnificent and I couldn’t help hoping that I would arrive in time to get some good photo’s but sadly it faded before I arrived.  I walked to the barn and had the always excellent bacon and eggs, I just wish they would figure out how to enter it into their tills, every time it’s a challenge for them.

I arrived home at the perfect time for a nap and then setup my replacement Fitbit One.  It’s taken me a long time to replace the one I lost, but I decided eventually that it’s still the best way to keep track of my movement.  Debbie arrived home after a difficult day and so it was nice to get out for a walk with her and go out for a meal at Toby’s.

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