Rivington With Stu

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Although it was raining Stu and I decided against rescheduling our walk and trusted to the quality of our rain gear and it paid off.  I left the house well before seven and arrived at the Rivington viewpoint at about 7:30, well before sunrise.  I walked a familiar route in the dark and watched the sun rise over the reservoir before meeting Stu an hour later.  We walked up to pike and then back to the barn cafe via a gently sloping path that had been hugely eroded by the recent deluge.  The whole Rivington area, roads and paths has been very badly damaged by all the rain and fixing it will cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds and probably more than a year, if we continue to see rainfall like this it’s hard to see how it will ever be returned to it’s good state of maintenance.  We had breakfast in the barn and continued chatting until he had to head back to the world of work.  I took the long path back to the car and did my upper body exercises on the way.  Unfortunately on the walk back I started with a migraine, which I’ve been mostly able to control through the day with meds, I think the cold wind was the cause.

Once home I had a quick lunch and then a well earned nap and when I woke up decided to enjoy the sunset.  It was a particular treat to watch sunrise and sunset on the same day.  When Debbie arrived home it was clear that she was suffering, already very tired she’s now come down with a viral infection and is throat and body sore and even colder.  Unfortunately over working always catches up with us and is never a good idea in the long run, no matter how easy it is to justify in the short term.  Debbie and Anna munched on Fish and Chips tonight, and I had a bowl of cereal, which is my favourite meal after a long days walking, easy and full of carbs.

Today has been almost chore free, except for the cats and the washing up I’ve focused totally on myself, it’s made a nice change!

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