Everyone’s Angry

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Everyone seems to be angry today, Jennie’s tired; Tessa’s decided that it’s time to bring her relationship with Lewis to an end; Debbie’s tired, frustrated with the system and worried about one of her pupils health and I’m annoyed that the family aren’t supporting me in my desire to reduce the amount of waste we create, do their fair share of the chores and keep the place tidy.  As a result sparks have been flying, Jen’s been unleashing her frustrations on Tess and the cats, Tess has been equally annoyed back, Anna’s annoyed at Jen for being angry with Tess, Debbie just withdraws to her office and her work and I’m left to try and keep the peace and fill in all the gaps.  It’s not the sort of environment that I worked hard to try and create tonight: a peaceful environment, freshly cleaned and with everyone’s favourite home made dinner, but it’s not the end of the world either.

I had a fairly good, but distracted day myself, I slept well and had a slightly damp walk to Caffe Nero where I stayed for about ninety minutes, but couldn’t settle.  I was itching to get home and figure out how to use my cycle rack.  Unfortunately when I arrived home it was raining hard so I contented myself with doing housework for an hour.  In the end the rack was easy to figure out and attaching it to my bike only took a couple of minutes.  I decided on an easy canal side ride and set off, as I was driving the rain quickly descended and I ended up parked by the canal reading for a while until it abated.  At least this meant I had time to finish my second book of the year ‘Whole’ an impassioned manifesto for eating a wholefood vegan diet, as is always the case when passionate people write about their beliefs it was slightly biased, but fascinating none the less.

The ride along the canal proved to be much more challenging than I’d hoped, being very wet and muddy, but I enjoyed it.  Not enough though to return along the same route, so I got out the phone and plotted a route back by road.  Having gone by canal along a very level route there, it was quite a shock to the system to have to deal with so many hills on the way back, still strenuous exercise has it’s role in my life, just not too often.  The whole experience of using the rack though proved positive and I’m happy I made the effort to try it out today, even if the circumstances weren’t ideal, it means I’m not worrying whether I made the right – expensive – decision for another night.

When I arrived home it really was blowing a gale, the huge box that the rack came in had collapsed due to the rain and wind and all the packaging was strewn over the drive so I cleared that up and cut the cardboard up and used it on the garden to suppress the weeds.  Tess then came to see me to talk through her decision to end her relationship with Lewis, she seemed quite stoic about it, but still very sad that she’d had to hurt him, but she’d given it a lot of thought and taken some care to make sure he had some support from his friends.  I recommended that once things have settled she write him a nice letter to end provide him with some closure.

By this time I was really in need of a nap but when I looked out of the conservatory roof I could see that an impressive sunset was building, so I popped out to the prom to get some fresh air and photographs.  It was worth the effort, but unfortunately I’m still being plagued by a bit of sand that’s lodged in my eye and it’s grinding away at my nerves as much as my eyelid.  As soon as I got home I did have that nap though and boy did I need it. 

Refreshed I then made home made Pizza for dinner and prepared Debbie’s lunch.  Anna, Debbie, Jennie and I had dinner together and Tess has some nice Pizza to warm up when she gets home.  I did the washing up for Jennie as she was starting to loose it, shouting at the kitchen cupboard and washing up gloves to vent her frustrations!

If the forecast hold it’s going to be quite a nice day tomorrow, and I’m meeting Stu at Rivington for a hike and breakfast which should be fun!

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